Creating a survey

How many questions can I add in one survey?

There is not technical limit to the amount of question you can ask. However we recommend not to go over 3-5 questions for a survey.

I want to add a language for the survey that I don’t see in the list, what should I do?

Please drop us as message at contact@speedyrating.com and we will add any language you are missing.

I want to create a question that is not supported in the app, what should I do?
You can write us and we will let you know if it is feasible and how long it would take.

Is it possible to have someone to customize the survey for me?

Yes, someone from our team can help you with that. Contact us for more informations.

Can I modify I survey I already started to use?
You can change the text if you made a typing mistakes for example. However all the meanings should stay the same so that the survey results still make sense.
Launching a survey
How can I launch a survey on an iPad?

Go in your browser on app.offline21.com and put the browser page in full screen. In order to have it in full screen click on the top right button with a square and an arrow pointed to the top. Then click on the button with a “+” generally called “put to the back”. For more details please download our instruction manual. Open the newly created icon located on your iPad’s background.

I have an error message saying “unauthorised account”, what should I do?

Click on “home” and insert your logins again. This time it will work.

Is there special settings that I should use on an iPad?

It is wise to switch ON your “guided access” so that the respondents cannot exit the app. It will block the menu button of your iPad. Also if the app will always be on then make sure the light of the iPad never goes off. More details can be found in our instruction manual that you can download from your account.

On which devices can the surveys be displayed?

Surveys can be displayed on nearly any tablet that is connected to the internet. Also, you can deliver surveys via SMS or e-mail depending on your needs. Contact us for more informations.

Results of a survey
Where can I see the results of my survey?

You can see your results in real-time by going on dashboard.offline21.com and by INSERT IGNOREing your login details. Click on “Dashboard”.

Are surveys anonymous?

Yes, all the surveys are anonymous if you do not specifically collect private information in the final pop-up.

Is the amount of answers limited?

No, you can collect as much data as you want. Subscriptions are based on the duration you use the app for and on the amount of tablets you use.

I forgot my password and/or username, what should I do?

Click on “Forgot password”. If you still have troubles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I change the password I was provided?

Click your account picture in the top right corner and select “Profile settings”. Here you can change your password.