The simplest way to get regular customer & employee feedback

Setup a short survey across one or more channels

Continuously collect on-site and online feedback in an engaging way

Access in real time to the results and take action

How does it work?


If you decide to chose our terminal, you can chose one from our offer
(5 min)


Build a short survey with our simple builder
(15 min)


Install the plug and play device(s)
(10 min)


Get results and take action! (real-time) Adapt the survey over time.

Question types


You can ask your customer about the quality of your service.


Someone is not happy? Ask them why with a single choice follow-up question or text input!


Partial completion accepted

Even your busiest respondants will be taken into account. Each answer given on the terminal is taken into account. Written comments are only optional


Not happy? Your customer can leave their phone number for a call back and your manager will get an automatic SMS.

Counter stand with security cable
Floor stand with customised visual
Sphere counter stand
Robust stand

Deliver surveys to the most underrated channel

Make sure to reach out to your clients and employees wherever they are. SMS have very high open rates and (almost) every employee in a company has a mobile phone. This can help in case not all your employees have professional e-mails. 

Print them anywhere

Messenger codes are Facebook’s version of QR codes. Once scanned directly from the Facebook Messenger app, they trigger a chat conversation. Let your customers interact and give feedback in a conversational and engaging way. Let them use an interface they are used to.
You can also use traditional QR-codes that can nowadays be scanned directly from a camera of iPhones.

Send a survey to your entire e-mail list

You probably already have a list of e-mails from your customers or employees. Make sure to get regular feedback with the help of the most common channel. 

All the data you need in one dashboard

Real-time information for a more agile way of working

All the information you gather via our tools are collected in real-time in a user-friendly and responsive dashboard.

Quickly compare several locations and see who stands out. Our comparative graph will give you an idea of what is going on in seconds, not minutes.

Get weekly and monthly results tendencies overview.

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